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Millennials in the Workplace Speaker for Your Next Event

Henry Rose Lee : Conference & Keynote Speaker

Leading Expert on Gen Alpha or Gen Z / Millennials / Gen X / Baby Boomers in the Workplace … 

Inter-Generational Leadership Expert & Workplace Communications Specialist

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Henry Rose Lee is a popular, Award-Winning Millennials in the Workplace Speaker, Author, Founder & CEO, entrepreneur, creative, script-writer, and voice-over artist; lover of people, champagne, dancing, flying first-class.

A familiar voice and face for over 14 years in the millennials in the workplace & leadership arena; Henry Rose has been inspiring audiences worldwide speaking through her experiences across the generations.

“She is very knowledgeable about multi-generational differences and a real entertainer on stage!” Rogier Krabbendam, LLM, Association Manager | Strategic Advisor | Public Affairs | Marketing and Communications | Legal Advice

Her dynamic, insightful and personal keynote speech attracts corporate audiences who love speeches about the modern workplace, intergenerational diversity and of course, Millennials in the Workplace, These popular talks have been delivered to thousands and yet each speech is unique to the audience.

Intensely human, practical, empathic and hard-hitting Henry Rose has founded and developed the vehicle for supporting and developing ambitious, smart, corporate professionals and leaders headed for the top.

A career visionary, Henry Rose shows her audiences how to Hit the Ground Running and ignite their remarkable talents and carve out outstanding careers whether they’re a Millenial or a Boomer.

A regular and award-winning speaker for Vistage International, and a TEDx speaker, Henry Rose Lee is a generational expert in the development and understanding of New Leaders (GenY/Millennials/Zillennials) and the evolution of Leadership in the Shift Age. Her latest book, ‘The Code for New Leaders’ was born out of her fifteen years’ experience as an executive coach and a supportive confidante to a range of global CxOs.

With up to four generations now in the workplace together – each with their own unique set of widely differing values and behaviours – for any organisation to thrive, it’s crucial for business leaders to create harmony and understanding between and across the generations.

Whether you’re a Millennial yourself, a GenX or a Baby-Boomer, Henry Rose’s workshops, keynotes and coaching tell you exactly what you should do and exactly how to avoid those hard-to-see pitfalls. Her mission is to see leaders like you creating a better future for us all, for the planet and for communities across the globe.

I had the pleasure of attending Henry’s Milennials workshop and what a great investment of time and money. In the space of one day through Henry’s passion, knowledge, and extremely clear delivery I learnt more than sufficient for me to come back to work and rewrite our website’s career pages. Throughout the day Henry used many anecdotes and stories from her vast experience in assisting organisations helping us to understand the key elements about how we recruit, manage and retain our youngest employees. Quite frankly, it was like learning a new language. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to spend time with Henry in the knowledge that you would come away feeling energised, informed and desperate to be a member of her ‘tribe’!

Andrew Thomas, HR Director London & Country Mortgages

Wondering if you should book Henry? The answer is YES. I organize an executive peer group of ambitious and thoughtful business owners/leaders. We select great speakers, like Henry, to join us for a day and share their expertise. As the facilitator for the group, it’s my responsibility to pick EXCELLENT speakers and Henry made me look great! She is a polished presenter and provided great communication before and after the event – customizing and confirming the needs of my members to ensure they got the most value from the day as possible. The results? They loved it and each member identified clear actions to take following her talk. Perfectly summarized by one of our members: “Very insightful and thought-provoking. Loved it!”

Julie Holmes Keynote Speaker | Ambassador Business & Selling at Inline Strategy Ltd

After being informed by a colleague that “we absolutely must book Henry” to speak at our conference on engaging with the workforce, we had high expectations. Thankfully Henry not only met these but absolutely exceeded them! Aside from her engaging presentation style, Henry’s insight as the Generation Game Changer was incredible, valuable and immediately useful!

Timothy Newman Regional Relationship Manager, Specsavers

Having Henry Rose Lee as a speaker at the L&G sales conference was engaging, authoritative and insightful. Henry is an expert in leadership and extremely articulate and enlightening as a speaker. If you are looking to inspire, motivate and enthuse your employees, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Keynote Speaker for their conference.

Rob Miles, Head of IFA Sales Legal & General

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