Henry Rose Lee

Inter-Generational Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

International Keynote Speaker : Consultant : Author

Specialist in Generational Diversity & Inclusion, Hybrid & Remote Working, Leadership & Teams

Helping Companies Develop a Sustainable Future of Work

... in all workplace settings, and for all generations working together (Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X & Boomers)

IMPORTANT: All of Henry Rose's consultancy contracts, masterclasses, presentations and keynotes are customized. She works with you to understand your audience and your people; your challenges and your goals. Topics, titles, projects and concepts can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program whatever your needs.

Hi, I'm Henry Rose Lee: an experienced, popular and entertaining keynote speaker specialising in the Diversity, Inclusivity & Benefits of a Multi-Generational workforce. I'm also an author, founder & CEO, entrepreneur, creative, script-writer, and voice-over artist; I love people (especially family), champagne, dancing and flying first-class.

Working with Henry is a real pleasure. She is always professional, tailoring each keynote to our clients' needs and attentively listening to all feedback and requests. We've received stellar feedback from our clients and look forward to doing more events together!

Aurum Speakers Bureau

How to Engage, Motivate, Manage & Retain Millennials & GenZ at Work

Gabriela Lukiewicz &

Pol Vela Marchuet

Founders, Aurum Speakers Bureau, Spain

Hi Henry, a quick message to say a heartfelt thanks for the excellent session you presented on Tuesday at Seismic’s City Tour in London. As a Gen X, in Revenue Enablement, and working for a scale-up, I work with many Gen Z, Millennials, and fewer Gen X. Your insights and guidance was visionary. Thanks!

How to Engage, Motivate, Manage & Retain Millennials & GenZ at Work

Treve Wearne

Head of Sales Enablement & Sales Operations at Ravelin

Henry [spoke to us] about inter-generational collaboration in the workplace. We received a raft of positive and glowing reviews. We [would] love to work more closely with Henry to help improve our age diversity and increase awareness throughout the business.

How to Engage, Motivate, Manage & Retain Millennials & GenZ at Work

Elaina Nayeem

Innovations Manager, Guardian News & Media

After being informed by a colleague that 'we must book Henry' to speak at our conference, we had high expectations. Henry not only met these but absolutely exceeded them! Aside from her engaging presentation style, Henry’s insights as the Inter-Generation Specialist are highly valuable and immediately usable!

How to Engage, Motivate, Manage & Retain Millennials & GenZ at Work

Timothy Newman

Regional Relationship Manager, Specsavers

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