Speaker Profile

Henry Rose Lee - Expert in Inter-Generational Diversity

This is the Emerging Science & Management Skill of maximising the engagement, collaboration and productivity within and across the five distinct generations in today’s workplace.
Henry shares ways to adapt your leadership and management style to get the best out of people, from fresh GenZ talent (18-24), career developing millennials (25-40), and energetic and experienced 40-65+ employees.
Henry is a speaker who delivers immediately usable insights and tools which increase collaboration and performance, whilst reducing attrition.
She also busts myths about the youngest talent - GenZ in particular - in your workplace, as well as giving you practical ways to motivate and engage them.
Henry offers additional support in the form of masterclasses, workshops and coaching to embed the learning.
Henry’s expertise in this field comes from 15 years working for companies such as Filofax and Salter in business development and sales, where performance and results are demanded.
This was followed by 17 years as a HR Qualified Consultant (CIPD) and a Master Certified Coach (ICF), researching and developing diagnostic tools on human motivation, generational attitudes and behaviours at work.
Henry works with top companies in their field such as Cisco (tech/digital), Legal and General (financial services), Capita (professional services), RATP (transport), and Yum (fast food).
To conclude:
Henry once got told off by Dracula (actor, Christopher Lee) while working at Pinewood Studios as a professional voice-over and business TV writer.
She’s face-blind (a condition known as prosopagnosia), but can tell when someone is lying just by listening to their voice or watching their body language. Something to watch out for!
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