Does Ageism in the Workplace Really Matter? 

By  Henry Rose Lee

This video is about me staking a claim for the “silent ism” that persists in our workplaces and personal lives today. Do you consider yourself too old or too young? Do we look at some people and see them as past their sell-by date? Do we look at others and think they are too young to be of value, demanding they have experience, when – if we don’t give them a job – they can’t get the very experience we want them to have? Instead of such perceptions, wouldn’t it be great if we could get people of different ages to work together, live together and achieve together. Putting older and younger workers together achieves the dream team; the energy and enthusiasm and quick-to-learn response of youth, combined with the more emotionally intelligent, experienced and strategic thinking of age. What’s not to like?

My thanks to my Manager, QJ, for badgering me to share my take on that silent ism. My thanks also to Sylvia Baldock, Barnaby Wynter, Ian Jarvis, Cat Kipling and the PSA, without whom, this subject would never be aired.

My thanks also to the Brunswick Group and their 2017 research “The Generations Issue”. https://www.brunswickgroup.com/brunswick-review-issue-11-i2852/

And my thanks finally to Strauss and Howe “Millennials Rising: The next generation” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Millennials-Rising-Next-Great-Generation-ebook/dp/B001QA4S06/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1551184836&sr=1-2&refinements=p_27%3AWilliam+Strauss%3BNeil+Howe

About the author

Henry Rose Lee

Henry is a recognised authority on Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers in the workplace. She helps businesses to recruit, engage and retain their younger employees, and helps individuals to ignite their talents and carve out an outstanding career, whatever their age.

Through her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, you will understand the evolution of leadership in what is sometimes called ‘the Shift Age’, so you can avoid common pitfalls and help your organisation (and yourself) to thrive.

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  • Paul Greenhalgh says:

    Hi Henry,

    I had the great pleasure of attending your Millennials presentation at my Vistage group 6 months or so ago. (Ian Windle is my Chairperson).

    I have been looking on the web to see whether there is a book I can buy that reminds me of the key aspects of your presentation. I don’t see anything – have you written anything along those lines?

    Your presentation made me far more aware of generational differences. Now that my eyes are open to these, I see more and more how critical it is to understand the very different outlooks of the people around us. Not just at work but in relationships, bringing up kids… I am seeing this awareness as being hugely valuable and really want to re-visit your presentation with a fresh mind.

    So please, tell me you’ve written a book that I can buy!

    All the best (and a genuine thank you),

    Paul Greenhalgh, SkillWise

    • Henry Rose Lee says:

      Hi Paul
      Thanks so much for your comment – it’s great to see you here on the website, and I’m delighted you got so much out of the Vistage workshop that Ian Windle ran – especially the fact that my presentation had impact for you with work, personal and family relationships.

      I am busy writing a 4th and 5th book but NOT on Millennials. I want to write one on Millennials later this year. What particularly would you like me to include? I would love to get your views ?
      I’m on holiday until 11th March so let’s continue the discussion after that, and I’ll do whatever I can to support your ongoing Millennial interactions, and relationships ?
      Thanks again

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