Baby Boomers are becoming obsessed with their smartphones! 

By  Henry Rose Lee

Baby Boomers are becoming obsessed with their smartphones!

Fast Company’s Shalene Gupta shares a Squarespace survey that cites some surprising statistics about phone usage...

‘50% of Gen Z wants to take a break from their phone.

This is higher than any other generation.’

But only 20% of baby boomers want a break from their phones.

This is the least of any generation.

All age groups agree that ‘the flexibility smartphones offer outweigh the downsides of always being accessible.’

All generations are also likely to use the internet to search and find key information online, rather than trawling through social media.

Websites are more trustworthy than social media: 55% of respondents said they trust the general internet for finding out information, compared to 12% of respondents who say they trust social media.

However, 20% of Gen Z says ‘they look to social media for information’ and this figure is likely to increase.

Again, across all ages, only ‘15% said they’d go a day without looking at a website.’

Is this proof that even older generations are falling prey to the always on, always connected internet?

Is this the start of the end for normal, human interaction?

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About the author

Henry Rose Lee

Henry is a recognised authority on Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers in the workplace. She helps businesses to recruit, engage and retain their younger employees, and helps individuals to ignite their talents and carve out an outstanding career, whatever their age.

Through her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, you will understand the evolution of leadership in what is sometimes called ‘the Shift Age’, so you can avoid common pitfalls and help your organisation (and yourself) to thrive.

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