Big Changes Witnessed in Last Two Months Not All Bad! – PanPod#13 

By  Henry Rose Lee

Lockdown is the result of the world’s most disastrous pandemic, but it’s not the end of the world (as we knew and loved it).

In this podcast, we look at some of the biggest changes – bad and good – and predict a positive outlook.

Hi, I’m Henry Rose Lee and Welcome to my Podcast.

This is Podcast (PanPod) #13 – each one is designed to support, inform or entertain you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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So, Henry, in the UK we’ve all been in official lockdown since 23rd March, although for some of us, a test week, starting on 16th March means that it began a week earlier. During all that time, you’ve continued coaching, consulting and even training. So what changes have you noted in the people you’ve been working with over the last two months?

Henry Rose Lee
It’s a game of two halves. First the bad news.

1. Businesses have been closed, employees have been made redundant at worst, or furloughed at best. Around 1 in 4 of workers in the UK have been furloughed. The Investment Bank Jefferies has found that two thirds of the UK workers polled are worried about their financial security and their job security. Some can’t get the money that the government schemes have offered. Some are simply not eligible. And we all know that – when the Covid 19 crisis recedes, some business won’t make it. Debenhams has already gone into liquidation. Jack Wills, as well as Hotel Chocolat are thinking of closing some of their stores for good.

2. Crime is down but anti-social behaviour is up. Crime has fallen by nearly 30% but as people start drifting back to their cars and going out on sunny days, more than 3000 fines have been handed out by police for breaching lockdown measures.

3. The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen an almost 50% increase in calls since lockdown began.

And what about the good news? It can’t all be doom and gloom can it?

Henry Rose Lee
No you’re absolutely right. There are some wonderful benefits of lockdown.

1. We’re all spending less money. Whilst grocery good, frozen food and alcohol sales have gone up, our spending has gone right down. Most of my clients have noticed that they have more cash flow and that’s bound to give them pause for thought about what money was being wasted before lockdown. Also, my coachees are noticing that – because they are not buying so many takeaways, or clothes, or going out so much, there is much more cash in their pockets.

2. There is much better air quality. No planes in the sky and no cars on the road means that levels of air pollution have dropped hugely – and in some places in the UK, by 60%

3. And finally, back to Jefferies again. Most of the people they polled, in the UK, and 10 other countries, remain remarkably optimistic because they believe that lockdown has the potential to shake things up for the better.

Do you agree with that statement? That lockdown can shake things up for the better.

Henry Rose Lee
On the whole, yes, I do.

I believe that people will think more highly of NHS and other front-line workers, from fireman and women to those who deliver our food and packages. And that’s got to be good news.

I believe that we’ll all realise just how much we need and rely on each other. We can be kinder and more empathic and more compassionate after the lockdown ends. If we want to, we can become much more caring and human.

And finally, I think that we won’t get back to the normal we had in the recent past.

The term the new normal is believed to have been started by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who has warned Canadians that their world has changed in some ways forever. The Office of National Statistics has confirmed that 4 in 10 people are saying that travel plans and wellbeing have been affected, and 1 in 5 saying that relationships have been negatively impacted. There will be some loss. People have died and people will mourn. Some jobs will disappear or change for good. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We’re all doing more video calls, facetime and phone calls. I’ve even got coachees who are writing postcards and letters to friends and family. We’re streaming films and bingeing on box sets. But we are also cooking, gardening, exercising and even learning new things.

Put it this way, if we all learn one new thing, and try one new thing during lockdown, we will have progressed as human beings. And that’s got to be good for us all.

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