The Ultimate Guide to Remote Teamwork

(... a new release for 2021 from Henry Rose Lee)

2020 : The Covid Year. The year that so many teams started to work from home.

And since hybrid work and remote work are here to stay, the future of work has suddenly arrived - and most of us have had no time to train or get ready.

That’s why I wrote The Ultimate Guide to Remote Teamwork.

So many leaders and teams have been forced to work from home and use online tools and video conferencing to run calls, meetings, projects and collaborations that before were all done face-to-face.

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Teamwork is packed full of tools and checklists that are practical and easy to use.

From the basics of setting up good video conferencing, to the latest collaboration and communication tools, everything has been designed for leaders and teams who want to be efficient and effective, and yet still retain the human touch.

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