How to Chill using Sophrology – PanPod#8 

By  Henry Rose Lee

How to Chill using Sophrology - PanPod#8

Time to Chill, Relax, Clear out the troubles of the day.

Hi, I’m Henry Rose Lee and Welcome to my Podcast.

This is Podcast (PanPod) #8 – designed to help you relax during the lockdown.

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Here’s a transcript, in case you prefer reading:

Henry Rose Lee
Hello. I’m Henry Rose Lee and today’s podcast is all about how to chill and relax and get comfortable, after work or after a long day with the kids.

Now, this sounds like something that I would like, but you’re not one of those gurus that does mindfulness and yoga and meditation are you?

Henry Rose Lee
No I’m not. No, it’s not something that I really enjoy and I’ve got a feeling you don’t like it either.

Well, I relax to music a lot of the time, but I hear that you’ve got a technique which is called something like Sophrology, that can help me to chill and relax. And it’s especially for those people who really haven’t got time for yoga and meditation. So, what is Sophrology?

Henry Rose Lee
Sophrology is the harmony between body and mind, but you don’t have to meditate, you don’t have to do yoga or turn yourself into knots. You don’t even have to think the best possible thoughts. It’s what you do with your body that helps your body and brain to get connected together very well and help you to relax, and it’s really really simple. And I have a number of activities that I teach all of my clients, which helps them to relax and chill.
As I say, after a day’s work, or after lots of parenting with children that won’t go to sleep and that sort of thing.

That sounds really really valuable.
So what are some of these exercises, the Sophrology exercises? Are they different from yoga or meditation for example?

Henry Rose Lee
They are different. They’re parallel in some ways in that they have the same sort of effect, but they are different, so there are two particular exercises that I like to encourage my clients to have a go at. And the second one I’ve recorded as a waste disposal exercise. So it’s an audio recording of how I get people to relax just by sitting in a chair with their palms face down on their thighs, and their feet on the floor, just sit in a chair, close your eyes and I then help people to relax by just talking to them.
So that one is going to be added to this podcast. Afterwards, there’ll be a link.
However, the first one I do want to talk about is about how you get your body and brain to relax in just five minutes, so here goes:
Let’s imagine you’ve just put the kids to bed. Or let’s just imagine you’ve had a day of online calls and zoom meetings and video conferences, and you haven’t had a minute to yourself. You shovelled in a sandwich and you thought, ‘Even in lockdown, my goodness me, I’m working so hard’.
I know that for some people that is happening. So here’s what you can do:
Take off your shoes and if possible your socks and go barefoot. If you want to stay in your stocking feet that’s okay. But the idea is to lie down flat on the floor with your back on the floor, and your knees up, and your feet together but facing flat on the floor.
So feet on the floor, knees up. Back on the floor. Now you put your head on the floor as well, and if you want you can have a little light cushion under your head or if you’re comfortable just lie with your head flat on the floor.
And then what you do is you place your hands on your ribcage. So your hands are palms down on your ribcage. You can just about feel your ribcage, with your elbows on the floor. And you lie there. And that’s about it.
The only other thing you need to do is to breathe, breathe in and breathe out, just slowly and deeply and lie there for about five minutes and ten minutes is even better. Now, we have an addition to this, if you feel like doing it, which is before you lie down. You take a rolled up a hand towel, just roll it up, and for women this is really easy, you just roll it up and you put it in line with your bra strap as you’re lying on the floor. For a man doing this perhaps not wearing a bra, it’s about the middle of your back. So you lie on the floor with the rolled up hand towel in the middle of your back, and you literally lie there with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor, and your hands flat on your rib cage, either side with your elbows on the floor. You lie there for five minutes, and here’s what’s going to happen.
First of all, you’ll be lying there going, ‘Henry’s really crazy this doesn’t work’. And then what will happen is that your rib cage will start to open, as it’s gently pressurised by the towel, and as you gently relax your body into the floor. And what will happen after a period of about five minutes, is you will realise that your back is flat on the floor, that you are no longer hunching that your ribcage and in fact the whole top half of your body, your torso is flatter and more open than it was a few minutes before.
Think of all the time that we hunch , when we’re carrying children or sitting for hours at the laptop. This is to counteract the effects of that kind of activity during the day. So there you are lying on the floor, breathing deeply in and out and doing nothing more, you can think all the negative or positive thoughts you want that’s absolutely fine just lie there for a few minutes. 10 minutes is great but even five minutes a day makes a difference.
After that, what should happen is that you will need to get up but don’t just suddenly pull yourself up because your blood pressure may well have dropped and you might feel a bit faint. Instead roll gently onto your hands and knees, and then get up that way.
And I would suspect that after five or ten minutes, it will be a bit of a mini miracle, you’ll be a bit more relaxed, your brain will feel a bit more relaxed, and some of those aches and pains will have disappeared.
Try it and let me know how you get on.

So, that sounds great. I have one question. Am I allowed to ask a question? Can you play music, while you’re doing that?

Henry Rose Lee
You can play music while you’re doing that. You could even have people talking to you while you’re doing that. I often do it and the cat comes and sits on my chest.
It’s a bit weird I know, but she likes it, and I’m okay with it. In other words, what’s important is the lying down on the floor, it doesn’t really matter if other things are happening around you. It works.

Okay, well that sounds great. Thanks very much. I’m sure many people out there who are going to try this. And there’ll be just as many who aren’t.

Henry Rose Lee
Yeah, there are some that love yoga and pilates and meditation they’ll be fine with that. Yeah, absolutely. Bye. Bye.

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