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Hi, I'm Henry Rose Lee and I created this video to flag up one or two challenges you and your colleagues might be facing at work!

I help organisations deal directly with the issues of employee attraction, recruitment, engagement and retention.

Working with corporate organisations and educational institutions, I reduce or even eliminate the frustrations that every inter-generational organisation suffers from.

In my keynotes I busts myths, and provide you with practical ideas for building motivated, productive workforces across all generations, and particularly with your youngest talent.

My aim at your event?

ALWAYS, to be entertaining, insightful and give instantly usable take-aways at your conference, meeting or summit.

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Maria Franzoni

Former International Speaker Bureau owner

I heard Henry Rose speak recently and she had a very original take on diversity, one that I had not heard before. It was specifically about age and it was really well illustrated.
Hi Henry, a quick message to say a heartfelt thanks for the excellent session you presented on Tuesday at Seismic’s City Tour in London. As a Gen X, in Revenue Enablement, and working for a scale-up, I work with many Gen Z, Millennials, and fewer Gen X. Your insights and guidance was visionary. Thanks! πŸ™

Treve Wearne

Head of Sales Enablement & Sales Operations at Ravelin

Paul Harris

Executive Director, Curo

Henry is a real expert in her field and is able to convey the details and implications of attracting and engaging people across all generations.
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