Generational Diversity:
The Modern Way to Thrive in the Workplace

Discover the secrets to the modern, multi-generational workplace with 

Generational Diversity Speaker Henry Rose Lee.  

What is Generational Diversity?

The modern workplace focuses on gender and race diversity, but what about Generational Diversity?

You must be aware of ageism, and perhaps you think it doesn't exist in your company. Generational Diversity isn't just about ageism and older people, but how it impacts each generation in the work place. 

Millenials may feel unheard in the workplace. It could be a gender "thing". It could be a "race" thing. Often it's an "age" thing. With older generations dismissing input based upon their perceived inexperience or relative youth.

This can lead to a drain on your talent. 

It can lead your organisation to missing out on the benefits of Generational Diversity.

How Generational Diversity Grows Your Business

When you know what your teams value you can enhance the communication and stop the exodus of talent. 

  1. Baby Boomers tend to value loyalty and reward this. 
  2. Gen X values work-life balance, they're the first generation to experience the "have it all" mentality
  3. Millennials value innovation and change because their environment is in a constant change of flux. 

All of these generations have skills and talents, and yet your organisation is in chaos because they all speak the same language but communicate differently.

Let me help you with Generational Diversity

I'll share why your millenial slackers are annoying the life out of their Gen-X "parents" and "grandparents" and share how you can pull together your talented pool of multi-generational individuals and create teams that drive incredible business growth. 

Rob Miles, IFA Sales Legal & General

Having Henry Rose Lee as a speaker at the L&G sales conference was engaging, authoritative and insightful. Henry is an expert in leadership and extremely articulate and enlightening as a speaker. If you are looking to inspire, motivate and enthuse your employees, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Keynote Speaker for their conference.

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