GenZ Agonized by Lockdown – PanPod#10 

By  Henry Rose Lee

GenZ Agonized by Lockdown - PanPod#10

Lockdown has had a huge impact on us all, but it’s having a very specific impact on our youngest generations. This podcast episode answers the question: ‘Who are they?’

Hi, I’m Henry Rose Lee and Welcome to my Podcast.

This is Podcast (PanPod) #10 – each one is designed to inform and entertain you during the lockdown.

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Here’s a transcript, in case you prefer reading:

I’m here with Henry Rose Lee, who’s the Inter-generational Expert, and International Speaker. And today we continue with a new podcast.
Lock-down has had a huge impact on us all, but it’s having a very specific impact on our youngest generations. Who are they?

Henry Rose Lee
These are the people that I would call Generation Z (so they’re aged today, between 11 and 23), but I really want to talk about those Generation Zedders who are going into the workplace, already there, so probably between the ages of 16 to 23 is who I really want to talk about.
They’re quite a unique generation because they’re the first tech savvy generation we’ve ever had. And they’re famous for spending about eight seconds attention span on anything they focus on online.
So they’re in and out very quickly with their online content, and about 60 – 63% – I think it is – saying already that they are utterly bored and fed up with lock-down, they just want to get out, and that’s more than double any other generation.
So, Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are coming in at around 29 – 30%, Generation Z, it’s like: “Let me out of here!” They’re hating it.
I guess another thing is that they’re quite happy, so they don’t see that lock-down has much to do with them.
They know that they’re least at risk of all the generations with the coronavirus, and they just want to get on and do things: they do not like lockdown.

So what are the particular issues for them?

Henry Rose Lee
I think there are probably two issues for them.
One of them is that they’re increasingly anxious and unhappy about being locked down, and I think it’s this sense of isolation.
The ones that I’ve spoken to, some of my coachees, or children of some of my coachees, are saying that there’s a couple of impacts on them which they’re finding difficult.
One is that they’re unable to work and earn money.
And the second is they’re unable to complete their studies.
And both of those they find very stressful because money equals freedom, equals development, equals moving forward, and learning equals progress, equals potential career.
So, if they’re not able to do both of those, they feel quite down about it.
So whilst they’re happy about their own ability to remain healthy, and thinking about their potential, they feel very frustrated that their ability to work and earn money or their ability to complete their studies is being stymied by the lock-down.

So, what might be best for this generation right now?

Henry Rose Lee
Okay, well this is me ruling the world, right?
So, if I was ruling the world, the first thing I’d say is, “Let our young people out”.
They are least at risk, and they need to be earning money.
And for older generations, they’ve often had some trials and tribulations in their life so far, and they’ve got used to being a bit more patient, a bit more focused, taking more time to read a situation, thinking about it strategically.
But if you’re young and you’re stuck in your four walls or you’re young and you can’t earn money or you’re young and you can’t complete your studies, it is frustrating.
I would let them out, and I would let them out in small degrees with social distancing, to get back to what they do well, which is learning and developing.
And of course, there is one other added bonus, which is that if we encourage them, they’re going to be doing more things online and earning more money online and we want to get them to do that as well.
Anything that produces money for our economy right now is going to be a good thing. So that’s what I would have happen

That’s fantastic. I hope that they are let back sooner rather than later. Thanks very much for talking to me Henry.

Henry Rose Lee
Thank you.

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