Generational Diversity:
The Modern Way to Thrive in the Workplace

Discover the Secrets to the Modern, Intergenerational Workplace with Intergenerational Expert & Speaker, Henry Rose Lee.  

What is an intergenerational expert?

The intergenerational workplace is the modern workplace. It's where you are right now. With potentially 5 different generations working together there's more workplace conflict and more toxic working environments than ever before. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Why do I need an intergenerational expert?


Forward-thinking organisations understand that in order to grow and nurture their talent, they have to understand the workspace they're in.  It's different to the environment you started your career in.

Let me take you back a moment to when Millennials were born. Grunge was popular. Bands like INXS, Oasis, Nirvana amongst many others were on all the radio stations, and you listened to the radio in the car. When you were born it was Pink Floyd, David Bowie and The Who.  You listened to the radio in the kitchen or the lounge. Your family might not have had a car...

Each generation is different. Millennials and GenZ now listen to remakes of the songs you sang on a device that's small enough to fit into their pockets! 

Your workplace is filled with many amazing, talented individuals divided by generations, all communicating in same yet very different language. 

How do I book an intergenerational expert?

If you know your dates already,  you can get a quote and Henry's availability to speak about intergenerational diversity at your event or workplace here... Just Ask

Timothy Newman, Specsavers

After being informed by a colleague that “we absolutely must book Henry” to speak at our conference on engaging with the workforce, we had high expectations. Thankfully Henry not only met these but absolutely exceeded them! Aside from her engaging presentation style, Henry’s insight as the Generation Game Changer was incredible, valuable and immediately useful.

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