Hi, I’m Henry Rose Lee

And you might be thinking... 

WHY SHOULD I BOOK HENRY for a keynote or event?

WHY SHOULD I HIRE HENRY to consult or coach?

Because I’ve done it, I know it, I’m on it, and I bring it

1) I’ve done it

I’m not someone who’s simply Googled ideas and then regurgitated them. I started my career in sales and business development, so I know about commercial acumen, revenue generation and profitability. I’ve done exports, imports, national and international sales. I’ve run a business and I’ve created dozens of learning and development programmes offline and online from human-sized board games at Eurotunnel, to an audio long-running training soap for retailers and consulting firms. I’ve written books and manuals. I’ve designed and delivered business television for Pinewood Studios and created webinars and elearning for banks, insurance and tech companies. And I’ve survived 2 recessions and continued working (and making money) through the Covid 19 crisis. I don’t ask anyone to do anything that won’t work.

2) I know it

I know about people and I understand that the workplace – whether remote or in person – is made up of a community of people. And in the spirit of true diversity and inclusion, I believe that all generations can work together effectively and for each other’s benefit, bringing value to individuals, to teams, to organisations – and even society at large. I’m business-trained and also CIPD trained. And after years of client programmes and research, I am an authority on inter-generational inclusion, performance and harmony. I know my topic. But I don’t rest on my laurels and I’m constantly updating my knowledge and skills and using new research to ensure that I get relevant intel, data and analyses into my work. This means my keynotes and programmes are content-rich with facts and statistics - not hearsay – and every one delivers practical hints and tips that anyone can take away and start using in their company and with their people immediately. I provide valuable takeaways in the form of hand-outs and e-books which have checklists, what to do, and even what to say. These hacks work!

3) I’m on it

Inter-generational issues are a job for life! As every new generation appears - and today we have Generation Alpha (2010 to 2025) which is the youngest generation alive today - my work, my research, my learning and my programmes continue. This all has a single purpose; to help clients and customers to manage the latest cohort of young employees, and also to prepare for the next normal and the future of work – which is forever evolving.

My current programmes:

The Generation Game: A whistle-stop tour into generational theory, busting myths and confirming how generations at work have changed and continue to evolve.

Attraction & Recruitment: Identifying what to do – and more importantly what NOT to do – in order to attract and recruit the right young talent for your organisation – particularly Millennials and Gen Z.

Engagement & Retention: Confirming how to engage, motivate and retain your youngest talent – and increasing their sense of belonging and their ability to be productive and high-performing in your organisation.

Remote teamwork: Identifying the highs and lows, hacks and pitfalls of remote teamwork, in terms of communications, collaboration and performance delivery, all while WFH.

Leadership and the future of work in the new normal: Post Brexit, post Covid, and post the current recession, Leadership has to evolve yet be proactive, to take the workforce across all generations into the future of work, making sure that people are satisfied and happy at work, and using that as a foundation for increased productivity, performance and revenue generation for your organisation.

4) I bring it

I’m easy to work with, reliable and professional. I research the client and their target audience. I customise EVERY piece of work to suit the requirements of the project, keynote, event or company I work with. I’m also engaging, witty and happy to make the experience enjoyable and entertaining (with the pace of change and the political and economic turmoil of recent years, we could all do with a laugh!)

Why Hire Henry?As a ★ Speaker

“I will research the audience

“I will know exactly what the topic is

“I will always deliver

“It will be thought-provoking, entertaining and also have practical take-aways

Henry Rose Lee is an expert and sought-after SPEAKER on the Development of New Leaders (GenY Millennials & Generation Z) and the evolution of Leadership in The Shift Age.

As a ★ Consultant

Henryworks closely with CEOs/HR on Leadership & Communication across Multiple Generations in the workplace (from GenY / Millennials via GenX to Baby Boomer)

Henry … is an exec-level consultant and award-winning speaker helping organisations and individuals to understand and deal effectively with Inter-Generational Differences in CommunicationLeadership.

She works closely with organisations – in the C-suite & with HR – and is helping to address the challenges all organisations now face, and giving guidance on how the different generations in the workplace can attain true harmony and thrive together, and profit together.

★ Reduced Attrition & Staff Turnover ★ Increased Retention ★ Better Bottom-Line Results 

Why Hire Henry?

New Leaders are Young Leaders.

Henry used to refer to Millennials & Generation Z as ‘The Next Generation of Leaders’.

But that Next Generation are becoming New Leaders Now!

Read her latest book, The Code for New Leaders and discover a powerful blueprint for all new leaders in how to hit the ground running!