Did you know that millennials are most likely to support their work colleagues? 

By  Henry Rose Lee

Did you know that millennials are most likely to support their work colleagues? 

So says a Right Management study, cited by Business Leader’s Alice Cumming. 

The UK survey found that 33% of those aged mid-30s to early 40s, believe ‘supporting employee & career growth is their primary focus.’ 

Right Principal Consultant Lorraine Mills says millennials are ‘set to dominate the workforce by 2025’ and this study is ‘flipping the stereotype on its head.’ 

Far from being selfish snowflakes, Mills confirms ‘millennials have had a couple of decades to establish themselves and this has been during a time that climate change and movements to protect the global environment have intensified. 

It’s no surprise that their age group are some of the most socially and environmentally conscious leaders. 

It’s reassuring to see evidence that the new generation of leaders coming through will not only support their colleagues to better themselves but will encourage them to be more socially and environmentally conscious in their own decision-making.’ 

Finally, millennials are being seen in a more positive light. 

Isn’t it about time that we stopped trash-talking them and noticed their potential & value in our world?

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About the author

Henry Rose Lee

Henry is a recognised authority on Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers in the workplace. She helps businesses to recruit, engage and retain their younger employees, and helps individuals to ignite their talents and carve out an outstanding career, whatever their age.

Through her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, you will understand the evolution of leadership in what is sometimes called ‘the Shift Age’, so you can avoid common pitfalls and help your organisation (and yourself) to thrive.

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