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Henry Rose Lee is the intergenerational workplace expert and future of work consultant. Each week she'll send you ways you can hack the work place to make it better. Plus, you'll get a bonus digital copy of Henry's book The Code For New Leaders

I heard Henry speak at the National Sales Conference yesterday. Really impressive! I'm pretty sure I'll be inviting Henry to speak at our events and work with some of our clients.

Simon Hartley - Founder at Be World Class

Henry presented in a really engaging way with lots of real examples which brought her thinking to life for me and helped me see how I could apply ideas in my own workplace.How we might need to do things differently to engage our younger applicants and some good practical ways of doing that. That younger people can be more influenced by their pre-existing 'tribe' and social media community so we need to offer a strong network within the company The need for speed in our recruitment practice to avoid losing our best applicantsIt was all meaningful stuff.Thank you

Claire McMenamin

Henry was incredibly knowledgeable and a truly engaging speaker. The 'Millenials' session was very interesting and also provided me with lots of practical suggestions to take away and consider.Practical ideas about ensuring recruitment and onboarding engages with all generations.

Katie Simpson

Engaging, amusing, interesting - full of knowledge and facts and fun. The perfect combination.How each "generation" is affected by the social influences of their upbringing and how we need to adapt in the workplace to accommodate them all.Start small and try itIt's the first proper non-legal based course for the workplace I've been on and I thought it was magnificent.

Philippa Robinson

the author

Henry Rose Lee

Intergenerational Expert

Author, speaker and leader in the intergenerational workplace arena. Henry Rose Lee helps leaders of all ages communicate, collaborate and make the future of work a better place.