Podcast Episode: Generations Across The World – Freddy Freedman Part #2 

By  Henry Rose Lee

Podcast Episode: Generations Across The World - Freddy Freedman Part #2
Freddy Freedman : Podcast: Generations Across The World #1

Hi I’m Henry Rose Lee and Welcome to my podcast.

This is Part #2 of my interview with Freddy Freedman, a GenZ Entrepreneur and Inventor based in Maryland in the USA.

You can listen to Part #1 HERE

Next, Freddy asked me about Reverse Mentoring

Relax and enjoy this 3-minute 52-second podcast episode…

Henry Rose Lee
Hi, I’m Henry Rose Lee, and welcome to my intergenerational podcast. I’m delighted to introduce you to another in my series of “Generations Across The World”. Recently, I had the chance to speak to Freddy Freedman, a Gen Z entrepreneur and inventor based in Maryland, in the USA.

Freddy Freedman
Is it problematic for a younger generation to lead an older generation??

Henry Rose Lee
I think the answer to that is that there can be problems when younger generations lead older generations but there can also be problems when older generations lead younger generations. and I think it’s all to do with mindset and openness. So if I’m an older individual who is leading or managing someone who’s younger, I need to bear in mind, their skills, their experience their level of emotional intelligence, but I also need to be open to their potential their ideas, their possibilities, their intellect, their experiences from where they are. And the same thing happens with a younger individual who might be managing or leading someone who’s from an older generation, but they need to recognise that this older generation person may be fixed in their ways but they might also have lots of new ideas or lots of useful experience. And so one of the things that I often suggest to organisations is that they do mentoring but also reverse mentoring. So mentoring when an older more experienced person mentors a younger less experienced person but then the other way around, where a younger less experienced person mentors an older, more experienced person because there’s always something that we can learn. And I think if we put those things in place, then it’s going to be less of a problem for a younger generation to manage an older one or for the other way around. What do you think?

Freddy Freedman
Yeah, I think I particularly like the idea of reverse mentoring younger mentors, older, I think, you kind of touched on something that I had in response to the questions that you sent to me, just kind of the difference in experience is a good thing both ways. I think the older, the older generation has these experiences that they can share with the younger generation and that the younger generation can learn from are actually experiencing themselves, but the younger generation brings the lack of experience, so they have this creativity and openness to them because they’ve never tried these things, so they can bring these new ideas into these maybe older or commonplace or recurring experiences. And there’s a lot of potential there for sure.

Henry Rose Lee
Yeah, that’s absolutely true. One of the things that can happen to us when we get older, is that we discover through our experiences in a particular way of doing things can work well for us. And then we’re in danger of getting very fixed in our way so that works like that so that’s what I’m going to do, but actually when somebody comes along and says we could try it this way maybe there’s a new idea we could do it quicker. We could streamline it if we’re stuck in a box. We can’t move whereas a younger person is probably not stuck in a box because lots of things that haven’t experienced in the same way. And they haven’t been doing things for years, day in, day out. So I think it is important to remain open minded, and yet it’s one of the dangers of getting older that we can become very closed minded. So yeah I agree with you i think it’s important for us to see it in that way.

Freddy Freedman
Yeah, 100% and that’s that’s very exciting. I think if more people could realise that would eliminate a lot of the issues with one generation leading another either younger older older, younger even same generation really, I think it’s very important for leaders to realise that,

Henry Rose Lee
I agree. I think you’re absolutely right.

Freddy Freedman
It’s good that we’re agreeing so far. This is illuminating to hear maybe the same perspective in a somewhat different way but but still in a way that that makes sense to us. It’s interesting.

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