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Henry Rose Lee is a multi-generational diversity and inclusion expert who shares insights, busts myths, and inspires the implementation of highly effective, workable solutions based on the topics listed on this page.

She speaks regularly at meetings and events, and consults with companies and individuals about how best to deal with the newest challenges of inter-generational and multi-generational diversity, thus creating harmony and improved communication and understanding in the workplace.

Emma-Louise Wagstaff

Former Digital Director, Guardian News & Media

I booked Henry as an inter-generational expert speaker during the Guardian Group’s Diversity week and our leaders and managers loved the experience. She certainly knows her stuff, and she’s thought-provoking and entertaining. We all left understanding more about how different generations interact and work. Thanks Henry. I hope to work with you again sometime!

Kevin Jackson

Chief Executive Officer at World Indigenous Forum

When you run through your check list of things you need your speaker to be, Henry Rose Lee is all of them. Knowledgeable, engaging, witty, erudite, warm. I was a fellow speaker so I was half listening (out of politeness) but a minute in, I was totally engaged, hanging on every word and fascinated by every fact and statistic. Highly recommended.

Engaging & Retaining Millennials and Generation Z

The title can be changed to fit the key generations - which include the youngest talent - in your organisation.

Young workers are taking over!

Statistics show that the global workforce will soon have 25% of workers in their 20s, and 35% in their 30s.

How should you prepare your organisation to engage and retain these employees who have very different needs and wants in the workplace from previous, older generations?

Henry Rose Lee sorts the fact from the fiction and shows you how to motivate and inspire the youngest talent so that they’ll maximise their performance while delivering value for your organisation.

Engaging & Retaining Millennials and Generation Z

Attraction & Recruitment of Your Youngest Talent (Millennials and Gen Z)

The title can be changed to fit the key generations - which include the youngest talent - in your organisation.

After salaries, recruitment costs can be one of the most expensive activities for organisations.

Yet many leaders find it a time-consuming, thankless experience to attract and recruit the best talent.

In this masterclass, Henry Rose Lee confirms what turns would-be candidates off, and what stops them applying for, or taking, the wonderful job roles you have to offer.

She also gives you super hacks for attracting and onboarding your youngest talent, so that they enjoy the experience, believe they can hit the ground running, and feel that they want to stay with your organisation.

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Attraction & Recruitment of Your Youngest Talent (Millennials and Gen Z)

The Generation Game - engaging and maximising the contribution of ALL generations in today’s workplace

In the spirit of true diversity & inclusion, having multiple generations in the workplace not only provides different perspectives, skills and experiences but it also delivers a community of diverse individuals.

When differences are understood and celebrated, the value to the individual, team, organisation and even society can be greatly increased and enhanced.

In this masterclass, Henry Rose Lee outlines the characteristics of the key generations working today (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z), and provides practical tools and techniques for engaging & empowerment all these diverse generations in today’s workplaces.

The Generation Game

Leadership into the New Normal

Remote work, virtual work, blended work, hybrid work; these are all the terms we’re now using in our Covid-fuelled workplaces.

Employees, contractors, associates and free-lancers are all trying to work and earn money in this new, uncertain environment. And leadership is what makes them all give of their best and deliver their objectives.

Whatever your workforce are thinking and however they’re working, when leaders struggle to lead effectively, the results can damage work relationships and productivity.

And, as we move towards the new normal, you need to play to win - by being the player-coach who can boost engagement and business performance. It’s all down to you to make the difference and keep everyone on track and performing. Henry Rose Lee helps you to do just that.

Leadership into the New Normal

Remote Teamwork for Millennial Leaders

Post Covid, working practices will never be the same again.

Nearly all companies are doing more remote teamwork - something they were not originally set up to do, and for which they have not been trained.

It’s challenging enough to manage yourself as a leader, but when you have to work with hybrid or even remote workforce, the tasks of leading and delivering objectives becomes daunting.

In this keynote, Henry Rose Lee shows leaders how best to engage and collaborate with any remote team, in order to boost motivation, productivity and performance.

Remote Teamwork for Millennial Leaders

Fit for Purpose - how every generation can be physically and psychologically healthy in the workplace, wherever that is

In the world of business today, we’re all being asked to do more with less. And we never stop working.

Technology has allowed customers and key stakeholders to demand a response or a service from us, 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

No wonder so many employees and leaders feel over-worked, stressed and burnt out!

In this presentation, Henry Rose Lee deals with the elephant in the room, (the fact that we all have endless emails and to do lists and technology makes us work harder and for longer), and provides a range of useful, practical and immediately useful tools and techniques to understand and maximise your physical and mental energy - so that you are fit for purpose at work, and perform at your best, no matter what your working environment is.

Fit for Purpose

Kevin Miller

Owner, LiveCode Ltd

Henry gave a very practical and engaging workshop on the differences between different generations in the workplace. She is both deeply knowledgeable in this whole area but also an outstanding speaker, able to engage and communicate her ideas with genuine enthusiasm. This is a subject I thought I was already quite familiar with, however I learned a ton of practical and usable things that we will apply in our organization