What’s the Shocking Truth for Baby Boomers? 

By  Henry Rose Lee

What's the Shocking Truth for Baby Boomers? You can’t afford to retire!

Fortune’s Orianna Rosa Royle shares the UK Standard Life survey which finds 14% of baby boomers ‘have already “unretired”’ with nearly 25% of older men who’ve retired, already considering returning to work.

The number 1 reason for going back to work, or for not retiring at all, is money.

The study found that for 24% ‘their retirement income is no longer enough to actually live on’ whilst 31% ‘want to earn more money so that they can make the most of their free time and treat themselves beyond splashing out on basic needs.’

European and US findings are similar, with many Boomers retiring far later, or finding early retirement impossible.

So are Boomers really struggling to pay bills? Or is continuing to work really about Boomers wanting the same standard of living in retirement they had when working? And does that matter?

Is the world supposed to get cheaper, smaller, and less exciting when you’re no longer working?

Do you think Boomers who are about to retire should downsize and reduce their spending?

Or do they deserve to enjoy their hard-earned cash with as good a lifestyle as they ever had?

What do you think?

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About the author

Henry Rose Lee

Henry is a recognised authority on Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers in the workplace. She helps businesses to recruit, engage and retain their younger employees, and helps individuals to ignite their talents and carve out an outstanding career, whatever their age.

Through her keynote speeches, workshops and coaching, you will understand the evolution of leadership in what is sometimes called ‘the Shift Age’, so you can avoid common pitfalls and help your organisation (and yourself) to thrive.

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